Episode 29 + 30: Viral Sensation, April Reign

Feb 14th

This week, I speak to the amazing April Reign. April is the Senior Director of Marketing for Fractured Atlas. She has also created many viral hashtags, including the renowned #OscarsSoWhite. #OscarsSoWhite challenged poor representation of ethnic minorities in Hollywood, and has done has every year since 2015.

Key takeaways

  • How to handle social media trolls
  • How to build a loyal and engaged online following
  • How to utilise social media as an introvert
  • How to get a job in a completely different sector from the one you’re in
  • Why its okay to leave a high-paid job for a more enjoyable one
  • Why its important to have an offline presence
  • Why its important to make your viral moment last
  • Why its important to get paid for your labour

In episode 29, you’ll learn about what it means to go viral. What responsibility do you hold? What challenges arise? April and I also chat about using online platforms for change. Find out how to debate and disrupt without risking your job or relationships. April also shares tips on how to get organised. It’s way easier than you think!

The following episode reveals April’s career journey. Learn how doctors can become actors, baristas can become therapists, and, like April has proven, lawyers can become writers. We also go deep into #OscarsSoWhite. Find out how to resurface your viral hashtag and handle online success. Listen for tips on how to acknowledge your creative talents. Release your skills into the world.

Special Mentions

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