Episode 31 + 32: Film Director, Amma Asante

Feb 21st

Amma Asante is the final guest of the Wanna Be Hollywood series. Amazing Amma is a BAFTA award-winning director – she’s created hits such as Belle, A United Kingdom, and the upcoming Where Hands Touch. Her directorial debut, A Way of Life, premiered at the Toronto Film festival. There, Amma won 17 international awards.

Key takeaways

  • How to deal with relentless rejection
  • How to advance professionally, while helping others do the same
  • How to know when the right moment is to push change in your industry
  • Why you shouldn’t apply your own limitations to others
  • Why, if you’re a minority, its beneficial to network with other minorities
  • The importance of taking social media breaks
  • The importance of avoiding negative influences

Ever been the only woman, minority ethnic, working-class or disabled person selected for a role? In episode 31, you’ll learn how this can instil The One Syndrome. Amma discusses how to tackle the Syndrome through collaboration and mentorship. Listen for tips on how to provide opportunities for those looking to break into your industry.

The following episode reveals Amma’s professional journey. Find out about Amma’s experience as a young actress in the 80s. Amma also shares tips on dealing with rejection and forging impenetrable relationships. You’ll also hear her thoughts about representation, and why sometimes the R-word can be a burden for minorities.

Special Mentions

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