Episode 33 + 34: Ask Prisca – How To Tackle The Comparison Trap

Feb 28th

It’s the end of the month, which means Prisca Moyesa is back. I sit down with the branding boss to discuss the comparison trap and answer your questions.

Key takeaways:

  • How blogging has changed in recent years
  • Why context and perspective are important when it comes to comparison
  • Why social media breaks can be beneficialWhy its important to consider video and audio when starting your own platform
  • The importance of addressing your jealousy
  • The importance of building a website and not relying on social media

In episode #33, Prisca and I get personal. Listen to us chat about times we’ve compared ourselves with others, and lost ourselves in the process. Prisca also breaks down the comparison trap with help of Black Panther (it works, honestly!). We all get caught in the comparison trap now and again; Prisca and I arm you with tips to tame the beast.

We answer your pressing questions in episode #34. These include: Is blogging a waste of time? How do I pitch myself as a guest on podcasts? Do you have any tips for launching a natural hair magazine?

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