Episode 35 + 36: Award-Winning Writer, Ijeoma Oluo

Mar 14th

This week’s guest is Ijeoma Oluo, the Seattle based author of So You Want to Talk About Race. Ijeoma’s writing also features in The Washington PostNBC News, Elle Magazine, TIME, The Guardian and other titles. She received the 2018 Feminist Humanist Award from the American Humanist Society.

Key takeaways

  • How to balance mental health issues with self-employment
  • How to get on top of your life admin
  • How to discuss race, succesfully
  • How to know if you’re on the right path, without seeking external verification
  • Why its never too late to change careers
  • Why failure can be a great target
  • Why you shouldn’t normalise injustice.

In episode #35, Ijeoma gets real about life with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). She opens up about diagnosis and the struggle to balance her mental health issues with self-employment. We also discuss about motherhood, ‘late’ career changes and being your own boss. Guess what Ijeoma’s greatest achievement is? You probably won’t come close, it’s both incredibly beautiful and surprising.

Episode #36 details Ijeoma’s career path. You’ll learn about how and why she left a high paid tech job to launch a freelance writing career. Ijeoma also talks passionately about her love of politics. If you’re self-employed, this episode is made for you. Ijeoma gives tips on financial stability, managing workloads, and more. Its also worth listening to hear the worst piece of advice she’s ever received.

Special Mentions

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