Episode 23 + 24: Storyboard Artist, Tiffany Ford

Jan 24th

The final guest of the Meet the Cartoonists special is Tiffany Ford. As a Cartoon Network Storyboard Artist, Tiffany has worked on programmes like Clarence, Craig of the Creek and The Powerpuff Girls Dance Pantsed special and Steven Universe. Previously, Tiffany worked for Disney TV. She has also illustrated a kid’s book called The Answer.

Key takeaways

  • How forming friendships at work can boost your career
  • How, when it comes to self-improvement, actions speak louder than words
  • A key reason why working for someone is different to creating your own personal project
  • The real meaning of self-care (spoiler: it’s not expensive face masks)
  • The wide range of jobs available to Cartoonists
  • Why crying over your work isn’t a sign of weakness
  • Why its okay to quit a job and then go back to it

In the final instalment of the series, Tiffany and I discuss storyboarding, constructive work environments and personal wellbeing. Episode #23 sees us discussing why women of colour find it hard to say ‘no’, and how saying ‘no’ can push your career forward. Learn how to collaborate with your colleagues while retaining some independence. Tiffany also gives lessons on self-reflection, and managing your inner-critic.

Episode #24 reveals the particulars of Tiffany’s career path. Find out how to get started as a cartoonist and get hired at a major studio. Discover the painstaking process behind storyboarding, the joy of collaborative design and the significance of colour blocking. You’ll also find out why, for creatives, playing is just as important as learning.

Special Mentions

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