Episode 21 + 22: Production Designer, Lisa Hanawalt

Jan 17th

This week’s guest is Lisa Hanawalt, the Producer and Product Designer of hit Netflix show BoJack Horseman. Lisa has also published two books (My Dirty Dumb Eyes and The Hot Dog Taste Test). She co-hosts the Baby Geniuses podcast with Emily Heller, and has won eight awards for her work so far.

Key takeaways

  • How to adapt a leadership role to your personality
  • How to neutralise pesky negative thoughts
  • Why deviating from your schedule can be a great thing
  • Why its sometimes okay to ignore advice
  • What the key features of an attractive portfolio are
  • The importance of NSFW art

Lisa and I tackle leadership, creativity and wellbeing in this week’s instalments. In episode 20, you’ll learn how to handle that scary first leadership role. Lisa is also incredibly honest about her mental health – can your anxiety drive creativity too? Lisa also dissects her day-to-day tasks as a BoJack Horseman Producer. There’s some surprising duties in her routine!

Much like Lisa’s art, episode 21 contains some mature themes. You’ll also discover helpful lessons, like how Lisa started her podcast Baby Geniuses, and why you should look out for bad therapists. She also explains how she established herself as a freelance illustrator. This is one of the funnier episodes – a chance to laugh while you learn.

Special Mentions

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