Episode 25 + 26: Ask Prisca – How To Get The Skills You Need?

Jan 31st

Entrepreneur Prisca Moyesa AKA Ask Prisca is back to her share her career wisdom with you all. I chat to the brand and marketing expert about gaining skills, then together we answer your questions.

Key takeaways

  • How to learn a language outside of formal education
  • How YouTube can help you grow your skillset
  • How to realise your financial worth
  • How to kickstart your freelance hustle
  • The importance of applying what you learn to everyday life
  • The importance of learning what motivates you
  • Why, as a social influencer, its important to know your value
  • Why you should consider whether university is the right path for you

In episode #25, I grill Prisca about skills. Listen to find out why there’s no simple answer to the ‘education versus experience’ debate . We also discuss unorthodox educational routes – could Pinterest benefit you more than a university degree? You’ll find the answer in the episode, along side tips for self-motivation. Tune in for recommendations on low-cost tools and resources.

We answer your questions in episode #25. How can I use social media to promote my podcast? How do I get big brands to sponsor me? What do I do if the job doesn’t advertise the salary? How do I stand out on Instagram? Listen to learn the answers.

Special Mentions

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