Episode 77: BHM Special – Amber Cabral

Oct 17th

Former Diversity Strategist for Walmart, Amber Cabral is an Inclusion Consultant, writer and speaker. She serves on the Executive Board for Brown Girls Do Ballet, a non-profit organisation which commits to empowering women and girls worldwide. Amber founded Cabral Co, a diversity, equity and inclusive leadership focused consulting firm whose main goal is to help organisations create inclusive cultures. She co-hosts a podcast called Brown Girls Do, and writes many articles which have a main focus on inclusion, culture, equity and working-class life.

Key takeaways

  • Why labelling people as ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ isn’t helpful
  • How to become an empathetic listener
  • Taking complex issues and writing about them with clarity
  • Incorporating creativity into your life
  • Learn some language tools/techniques to help you communicate effectively

In episode 78, Imrie and Amber discuss what being a writer really looks like. The pair share an experience of wanting to be writers growing up, and the two discuss how they have both ended up where they are now. You’ll also learn about how to articulate your experiences, including the oh-so awkward ones with an interesting Uber example.

Later, Amber explains why communication is so important in making the workplace a better and safer place, especially as a woman or a person of colour. Things get deeply discussed in episode 78 – but more importantly things get broken down and understood. If you’re somebody who cares about making the world a better place then this episode is absolutely the one for you!

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