Episode 76: Vashti Harrison

Oct 10th

Vashti Harrison is an author, illustrator and filmmaker from the USA. She has a background in cinematography and screenwriting and later rekindled a love for drawing and painting. Today, Vashti makes the most in utilizing both of her skill sets, and is passionate about crafting beautiful stories in both the film and kidlit worlds.​ She creates the most beautiful children’s books, called Little Leaders, showing little brown girls that they are bosses! You’ll definitely fall in love once you see them, and they make an awesome read for little girlies, and even the big girlies too.

Key Takeaways

  • Learning to maintain your skills
  • Changing the sentiment behind the phrase “starving artists”
  • Being satisfied with your work
  • Coping with the speed of change
  • How to make your parents support your creative endeavours

In episode 75, Imrie and Vashti start off by talking about the moment Vashti learnt how to draw so well and discovered her craft as an illustrator. You’ll understand the turning point that made Vashti start taking her career as an illustrator more serious and how she started off in the field, and she’s quite the inspiration! The two discuss the measurements of ‘good’ and what this actually looks like, especially when analysing your own work.

The two later talk about pushback versus support from parents and family, and how Vashti wanted to be an independent earner and make her parents proud by trying to work a ‘proper job.’ She also offers advice to young listeners on what to do if you’re stuck in a situation with not-so-supportive family members. A super refreshing episode that will leave you feeling creative and confident about your future endeavours.

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