Episode 71 + 72: The Slumflower

Jul 12th

The Slumflower (aka Chidera Eggerue) is an award-winning blogger, author and speaker. With an audience of over 100,000 across her social media accounts, she is also a fast-growing influencer. The Slumflower’s debut book, What A Time To Be Alone, is out on 26th July in all major bookstores.

Key takeaways

  • Why podcasts are the new garage band
  • Do you have weird, niche interests? Here’s how to embrace them
  • Is there really a correlation between number of followers and wealth gained?
  • How to get into Brit School without knowing how to sing, dance, or act.
  • Do you travel a lot? Here’s how to find home wherever you go
  • The importance of asking yourself ‘why’ before ‘how’
  • Thought you knew the real definition of fame? Think again!
  • The hugely important life lesson that Cardi B is teaching us all

In episode 70, Imrie and The Slumflower get reeeeeal comfortable. The pair share their internet stalking secrets, super strange interests and financial statuses. You’ll also learn about how to pitch to brands as an influencer, and how to make them pitch to you. Want to know what The Slumflower ultimately wants to achieve via her followers? Listen in.

Next, Imrie asks The Slumflower about her personal journey. Things get juicy in episode 70 – there’s talk of a Brit School experience, social group conflicts, and boys ruining everything. The pair also discuss The Slumflower’s brand new book, What A Time To Be Alone. Discover what inspired her to “make solitude cool again”.

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