Episode 63 + 64: Yrsa Daley-Ward

Jun 13th

Yrsa Daley-Ward is a writer, model and actor. So far she has published On Snakes and Other Stories, Bone and recent memoir The Terrible. Yrsa has also modelled for major brands such as Nike, Apple and Topshop.

Key takeaways

  • Could self-publishing be perfect for you?
  • How to instantly turn negative press about your brand into positive press
  • Two simple ways to double your free time
  • How to banish burnout
  • Is it possible to be addicted to being late?
  • Can you spot a toxic friend from a mile off?
  • Here’s how chasing your dream can push it further away
  • Want to write someone else’s story? Here’s how to do it sensitively

Episode 63 kicks off with Yrsa sharing what she’s learned about publishing. Self publishing, small press or renowned publishing house? You’ll learn which avenue is right for your book. Imrie also quizzes Yrsa about THAT headline. Yrsa answers honestly, and drops lessons on how to triumph against bad journalism.

In episode 64, Imrie asks Yrsa about her social media game. Listen in for quality tips on promoting self-made content via social media. Both hailing from the West Indies, Imrie and Yrsa swap interesting experiences of heritage and diaspora. What does hoarding and adventism have to do with the region? Find out. Finally, Yrsa dug deep into her new memoir, The Terrible. If you want to know the story behind the characters or the thought process behind the book, this ones for you.

Special Mentions

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