Episode 59 + 60: Ask Prisca – About Efficiency and Work-Life Balance

May 30th

It’s the final week of the month, which means Prisca is back on the show! Prisca is a branding and marketing expert who runs her own marketing agency, Moyesa & Co. She is passionate about helping brands connect with culture.

Key takeaways

  • Freelancers: how can you earn more by working less?
  • Throw your to-do list away – Prisca’s alternate one will boost your efficiency
  • How can rocks, pebbles and sand improve your time management?
  • Can control freaks delegate?
  • Increasing your fee while on a retainer – is it possible?
  • Here’s one key way to keep old customers loyal
  • Why scheduling is a entrepreneurial mother’s best friend
  • Could twerking on Instagram lead to business success?
  • Do hashtags have a future?

In episode #49, Prisca and I discuss how to do less for more. This is a very personal subject for us, as the nature of our careers means we’re pretty time poor. Efficiency is something we still struggle with, so this episode was as educational for us as it will be for you! We get real about money, chat about balancing jobs with our businesses and debate delegation.

Episode #50 is dedicated to questions asked by Twitter followers. Prisca and I debate balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship, the value of hashtags and boosting engagement online. You’ll also learn when the best time to outsource is and how we both manage to juggle projects.

Special Mentions

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