Episode 51 + 52: Futurist, Natalie Kane

May 02nd

This week, I talk to futurist Natalie Kane. Natalie is the Curator of Digital Design at the V&A and one-half of Haunted Machines, a festival that explores technology’s unexplained mysteries.

Key takeaways

  • Why futurism is the future you need to get into right now.
  • How to use Twitter to build up a network of futurists and technologists.
  • Now you can FINALLY use your sociology/ social science degree
  • How to use futurist thinking in everyday settings to dramatically change your day.
  • Create the job you love using your English degree
  • Find out how the tech you’re building might be damaging to minorities
  • Why “I don’t know” is the ultimate get out of jail free card.
  • It’s not everyday tech, it’s ok to bash technology.

In episode #51, you’ll get an insight into Natalie’s super-analytical mind. Her and Imrie begin by discussing the unlikely relationship between magic and tech. Natalie points out how dismissing magic is a problematic western practise – you’ll never guess why. Listen to Imrie geek out over Natalie’s futurist musings, and learn some fascinating theories yourself.

Episode #52 is equally as interesting. Natalie explains her eclectic career journey, along with her childhood desire to be on animal hospital. If you’re struggling to pick just ONE career, this episode is definitely for you. You’ll discover what implications technological developments will have on your future, and also what to be weary of when it comes to tech.

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