Episode 53 & 54: DJ Nikki Beatnik

May 09th

This week’s guest is DJ Nikki Beatnik, a DJ and record producer. Nikki has spun in over 60 countries and has served as Kelis’ official tour DJ for the best part of a decade. She won Best DJ at the UMA’s and was dubbed a “multi-faceted icon” by Reebok. Nikki has DJ’d parties for everyone, from Jay Z to the The British Fashion Award.

Key takeaways

  • Banish the guilt of being a working mum by eliminating one thing.
  • Ridiculously simple ways to care more without putting too much pressure on yourself
  • How to get started in DJ’ing
  • How tech developments are affecting DJ pay rates
  • How to get your dream job when there’s no clear cut path
  • Find out exactly how long you should practice before booking your first gig.
  • Tips for workplaces to do better by working mums
  • Why you might not want to ever meet your idols

In episode #53, DJ Nikki explains what its like to be a self-employed working mum. You’ll learn the ups and the downs, how being a mum affects your pay, and how workplaces modern workplaces can improve their treatment of mothers. Naturally, we also go off a tangent and chat about the royal family, environmentalism and other topics.

Episode #54 is just as good. Nikki describes her quiet upbringing in the Scottish Highlands – a period of her life where she studied classical music and yearned to be an opera singer. Nikki is a great example of someone who has carved their own career path – listen and learn how she went from a fine art degree, to teaching herself how to DJ, to touring with Kelis. Nikki also gives a warts-and-all insight the DJ industry. Brace yourself.

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