Episde 49 + 50: Ask Prisca – About Partnerships and Collaborations

Apr 25th

It’s the final week of the month, which means Prisca is back on the show! Prisca is a branding and marketing expert who runs her own marketing agency, Moyesa & Co. She is passionate about helping brands connect with culture.

Key takeaways

  • How to find an affordable lawyer
  • How to produce a watertight contract
  • How you can mentor via social media
  • Why every contract needs an exit clause
  • Why you need to make sure all agreements are recorded by email
  • Why your website is a key part of your brand
  • Why you should consider the psychology of colour and font when creating a brand
  • The importance of honesty when it comes to partnerships
  • The importance of article headlines

In episode #49, Prisca and I discuss partnerships and collaborations. We determine the difference between the two terms, and touch on our experiences of each. You’ll also learn about the legal side of things. We discuss lawyering up, drafting contracts and making sure that all agreements are recorded. Finally, find out what to do if your partnership stops working out.

Episode #50 is dedicated to questions asked by Twitter followers. Prisca and I debate recycling old blog posts, and give tips on making yours stand out. Are you time-strapped, but dying to help boost someone’s career? Listen in and learn how to be a mentor despite being busy. We also go in on a favourite topic of ours – branding. Branding is one of the most crucial, most difficult aspects of marketing. Prisca and I help you out with advice on websites, fonts, style, colours and more.

Special Mentions

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