Episode 47 + 48: Luxury Designer, Chloe Marlow

Apr 18th

Episodes 47 and 48 feature the fabulous Chloe Marlow. Chloe is a 24-year-old fashion designer and founder of Marlow London, a luxury accessories brand. What’s more, she is a graduate of Central St. Martins (basically fashion’s Mecca). Chloe launched Marlow London one year after leaving the university, and since then her pieces have been pictured on the likes of Maya Jama, Raye and Whitney Valverde.

Key takeaways

  • How to make persistence pay
  • How to make Eventbrite your best friend
  • How to navigate the emotional highs and lows of running a business
  • How influencer marketing can have non-financial benefits
  • Why you’ll have to make financial sacrifices as a business owner
  • Why mentors can be valuable
  • Why you should consider taking a foundation course
  • Why you should ditch that wistful ‘one day…’ mentality
  • Why viral moments aren’t as achievable as they seem
  • The importance of a good ol’ list
  • The importance of making your business ‘investment ready’ before you seek investors

Marlow London is expanding rapidly, and in episode 47, Chloe reveals what’s coming next. She also talks about the financial sacrifices she’s made in order to reach this high point. As well as learning how to cut costs, you’ll gain tips on running a business while managing anxiety. Chloe proves that it can be done! Imrie and Chloe share how they celebrate small wins, then discuss just how valuable mentorship can be. Remember, a mentor doesn’t have to be an industry big wig – Chloe’s is her mum!

In episode 48, you’ll find out how Chloe went from 0 to 100. She opens up about her educational and career journey, specifically her Central St. Martins experience. Also, Chloe reveals her undying love for lists. You’ll literally NEVER guess how many she makes a week. Imrie and Chloe also deep dive into manufacturing – an especially useful listen if you sell/want to sell products. What are the unexpected costs? How do you source materials? Finally, you’ll learn how to turn an email exchange into a face-to-face meeting, and possibly something more!

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