Episode 41 + 42: Ask Prisca – All About Hiring

Mar 28th

Look who’s back! Marketing and branding whizz Prisca Moyesa joined me, once again, for the end-of-month episodes. Prisca is the CEO of Moyesa & Co, a brilliant brand marketing agency.

Key takeaways

  • How to produce podcast episodes using your smartphone
  • How to choose the best social media channels for live video posts
  • How to choose the right email newsletter platform for your brand
  • Which platforms are the best for hosting podcasts
  • Why email is an incredibly important sales channel
  • Why, when approaching podcast guests, honesty is the best policy
  • The importance of having grand goals
  • The importance keeping an eye out for talent at events

In episode #41, Prisca and I share what we have learned from our experience of hiring people. You’ll learn how we found our current team members and which hiring options are best for your business. Prisca and I also trade experiences of being employees. Listen in to discover how we applied these lessons to our current hiring strategies.

You asked us questions via Twitter; we answered in episode #42. Listen in for all sorts of gems, such as my undying love for Wix, our favourite live video platforms, and the three biggest lessons I learned from running a festival.

Special Mentions

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