Episode 39 + 40: Writer and Director, Nathan Bryon

Mar 22nd

This week I spoke to writer and actor Nathan Bryon. Nathan is best known for his TV roles Some Girls (Jamie) and Benidorm (Joey). Writing-wise, he has contributed to Cbeebies’ cartoon Rastamouse, Apple Tree House and Swashbuckle. Nathan is currently working on cartoon series Afro Kid and has secured a three-book deal for an upcoming picture book series.

Key takeaways

  • How to work well with your significant other
  • How to network within your industry
  • How to build a team when you have few resources
  • Why being sacked isn’t the major career setback it’s made out to be
  • Why a film/tv treatment is just like a business plan
  • Why coffee is the perfect drink to build working relationships over
  • The importance of audacity

In episode #39, Nathan talks about his unlikely heroes (you’ll seriously never guess who). He also opens up about losing his job, and how he turned rejection and shame into creative success. Also, Nathan answers the million dollar question. How do you start a project with no money? You’ll learn key tips from achieves this feat time after time. We also discuss the importance of paying your team.

Episode #40 focuses on Nathan’s creative processes. He discusses working with his partner Theresa, alongside pitching, promoting, and collaborating. Nathan walks us through his first steps to get a commission including what a ‘Treatment’ is and his first ever 40-page production bible. We also talk about the power of cold emails and the fantastic Chrome plugin that helps you find anyone’s email address.

Special Mentions

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