Episode 140: Helene Guillaume on Changing The Game

Nov 08th

Today, we’re joined by Hélène Guillaume, the CEO and founder of WILD.AI. We’ll dive into her multifaceted journey of tackling the barriers in women’s health and sports. From synchronised swimming and ultra-marathons to balancing work and motherhood, Hélène is revolutionising the way we think about women’s health.

In this episode, you’ll get to hear why she’s fighting against the under-researched state of women’s health and the audacity that led her to go on stage with her baby. If you’ve ever felt the system was stacked against you, you won’t want to miss Hélène’s revolutionary approach to levelling the playing field. So sit tight, and let’s dive right into this soul-stirring conversation!

What an enlightening conversation with Hélène Guillaume. Her focus on empowering women and redefining the narrative around women’s health is truly inspirational. Learn more about Helene’s work by visiting wild.ai

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