Episode 139: Tig Hodson on Unyielding Strength

Nov 01st

Today, we’re diving into the world of fitness and inclusivity with Tig Hodson, the co-founder of Strongher. Tig is revolutionising the fitness industry by addressing its glaring gaps in representation. With Strongher, she’s creating a space that’s as focused on mental well-being as it is on physical strength.

Today we’ll delve into her journey from having no role models to becoming one, her take on the current fitness landscape, and why representation in fitness is so important.

Get ready for an empowering session!

What a transformative conversation with Tig Hodson. Her audacious approach to breaking barriers in the fitness industry has hopefully inspired you to look beyond the status quo, be it in fitness or any other space. To learn more about Tig’s work visit https://www.strongher.co.uk/ or follow them on Instagram @strongherwomen.

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