Episode 141: Ayesha McGowan on Pedalling to the Top

Nov 15th

Today, we’re incredibly lucky to have Ayesha McGowan with us. Ayesha’s not just any cyclist; she’s the first African-American woman pro road cyclist. Her journey is the epitome of passion, starting from her days as a preschool music teacher to being a commuter cyclist in college, and now, a groundbreaking professional in the sport.

In today’s episode, we’ll uncover Ayesha’s transition from cycling to work to dominating races. We’ll also dive into the importance of representation in cycling, and Ayesha’s initiative “A Quick Brown Fox,” which aims to empower women of colour in the sport. You don’t want to miss this illuminating conversation!


Wow, what a powerful journey Ayesha has shared with us today! From cycling as a hobby to breaking records and creating a platform for representation, Ayesha’s impact on the cycling world is truly inspirational. To learn more visit aquickbrownfox.com

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