Episode 113: Black Kings – Alexis Ffrench

Oct 21st

Alexis Ffrench is a Contemporary composer, pianist and producer. Alexis started playing the piano at just 4 years old, and his aptitude for the instrument over the years placed him at the Royal Academy of Music. He received a scholarship to train at The Purcell School, Britain’s oldest specialist music school, before training at the renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

In episode 113, Alexis details the origins of his talent and how he has managed to successfully navigate a career in classical music. He reveals how he blended his culture and training to develop his unique style of music. Imriel and Alexis also uncover the power of authenticity in determining what ‘good’ sounds like.

Not only is Alexis’ journey inspiring, but also extremely motivational so be ready to take notes.

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  • Visit his official website and listen to his latest album Dreamland.

*This episode is part of a special Black History Month mini-series that we’ve put together for you. I would like to give a huge thank you to the Social Mobility Commission who have helped us pull this miniseries together and allowed us to use their research and reports to help inform us of the issues around education, achievement and attainment.