Meet The Winners Of The 2022 Micro-Grants For Podcasters Programme

Feb 21st

Exciting news! Content is Queen, in collaboration with Audible, has announced the 5 winners of the 2022 Micro-Grants for Podcasters Programme. This programme aims to support podcasters who might face challenges in bringing their projects to life.

Each winner will receive a grant of £2500 or £5000 to bring their podcast project to life, as well as three months of production support from Content is Queen.

We’re thrilled to support these amazing podcast creators and can’t wait to see what they bring to the podcasting community. Congratulations to the winners.

Introducing the talented creators and their winning projects:

Bin Juice with Emma Tindall – a comedy-drama which follows the lives of four hopeless 20-somethings as they attempt to navigate love, sex, friendship and loss in a grubby London flat-share they call home. 

Redemption Man with Chris Mitchell – the story of the most known unknown legend from west London.

Dead Ends with Talia Augustidis – a true choose-your-own-adventure story, navigating the twists and turns of grief.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree with Brodie Arthur and Julia Samuels – the story of Brodie’s family’s history of sex work in Liverpool – from the murder of their nan to their mum’s scandal with a high-profile football player and the links to the wider social, political and economic contexts of working women.

He Was Our Friend Saidata Sesay – the story of Jo, who when five years old, witnessed her family being massacred by Hutu extremists. Now she embarks on a journey to confront the man responsible for the murder of her family whilst learning how to heal from the past.

Take a peek behind the scenes with this video and watch this space as their stories unfold. 🎙