Maximising Your Podcast Potential With AI And ChatGPT

Feb 22nd

As you know, we like to keep our ears to the ground with all things podcasting. Recently, we’ve heard a lot of chat about artificial intelligence and how it can impact the industry. As creators with so much on our plate, we’re always looking for ways to make the production process more manageable. So, in this article, we’re exploring AI and how creators can use it to their advantage. 

What is AI in podcasting?

You may have seen articles and hot takes on AI and ChatGPT spiralling that robots are taking over humans. But fear not; robots won’t take over the world anytime soon. Instead, sophisticated technology is on hand to save us time. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is software that automates tasks previously done by humans. Regarding podcasting, AI is great for automating routine, time-consuming tasks. 

Chat GPT is a chatbot launched by OpenAI that creates AI-generated content. In a nutshell, it can respond to anything, whether factual or emotional. 

Chances are, you’re already using AI for your podcasting. Like using autogenerated captions on TikTok – that’s AI at work. 

Using AI in your podcast production

As AI evolves, so do the ways creators can use it in podcast production. Furthermore, the more the technology is used, the more sophisticated it becomes. So, if you’re ready to incorporate more AI into your production, here are some ways you can do so. 

Generate episode topic ideas 

Need some inspiration for episode topics? Chat GPT can provide endless options for you to choose from. While they may not all be relevant or make sense, you will find some inspiration for future episodes. All you need to do is give a broader subject and let AI do the work. 

Carry out top-level research

So, you’ve chosen a topic for your next pod, and now it’s time to start researching. While humans should do the deep diving, chat GPT is a handy tool for top-level research to get the ball rolling. It’s worth noting that any AI-generated information should be fact-checked before you use it. 

Draft short-form content  

If short-form content is something you struggle with, chat GPT is a possible solution. Using the tool, you can generate copy for things like show notes and social captions. The downside is that this copy often feels generic and needs more human influence. So, you could use them as a first draft before adding your touch. 

Normalise sound levels 

There are several AI apps built into podcast platforms. A great example of this is the feature that listens to the audio files and normalises the sound levels. Of course, the types of AI apps available depend on your chosen platform. But it’s well worth researching the tools you can make use of. 

Find copyright-free music 

Are you looking for copyright-free music for your show? There’s a tool for that, too. Epidemic Sound created EAR (Epidemic Audio Reference), an audio-based search tool designed to help creators quickly find music based on songs they like.  

Is the future of podcasting AI?

In an article by, Jay LeBouef of Descript said: “Media production is now entering a phase where if you can dream it, it can happen.” He added, “and you no longer need to have an expensive studio or decades of training to accomplish your goals.”

Of course, you’ll always need a human element in podcast production, but if AI makes things easier without compromising quality, we’re here for it!