Marketing Your Podcast: Growing Your Mailing List

Feb 15th

We’re exploring email marketing in part two of our marketing your podcast articles. If you’re keen to discover why email marketing is great for podcasters and how you can grow your mailing list, stick with us. As always, we’re on hand with plenty of actionable advice and handy tips to help you reach more listeners and grow your pod. 

Why podcasters should use email marketing

With social media, podcasting platforms, blogs, and so much more, you might think adding email marketing to your list is just too much. We don’t blame you. However, growing your email list offers plenty of benefits, such as: 

You own the channel 

We’ve all seen the despair of content creators who have lost access to their social media accounts overnight. Thankfully, with email marketing, you own the channel, and no one can take your subscribers away. 

Personalised communication 

Using an email marketing platform such as Flodesk or Klavyio, you can use tools to segment your mailing list. Then, depending on the recipient, you can personalise emails and include specific content for that segment. 

Complete control

A key drawback of social media is the lack of organic reach, with many posts reaching 10% or less of your followers. With email marketing, you can easily control which subscribers receive your message. All you have to do is convince them to open it! 

Easy to create content 

If you spend some time developing templates, emails become quick and easy to create. So, you can incorporate a new marketing channel into your strategy with little additional work. 

Boost revenue 

Email marketing is affordable, allowing you to communicate with thousands of people at a low cost. Although it’s an investment, it’s also an opportunity to boost your revenue, whether selling merch, tickets to lives or events, affiliate links or promoting your sponsors.

How to grow your podcast mailing list

Now we’ve covered some of the benefits, let’s get into how you can grow your podcast mailing list and reap the rewards.  

Use your website to capture emails 

If you have a website, add a pop-up to encourage visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. If you don’t have a website for your pod, you can create a single landing page to acquire new subscribers. 

Collect email addresses on social media 

A simple way to gather emails is by using social media. For example, you can add a sign-up link in your bio or create an IG story with a question box to collect emails and manually add them to your list. In short, the simpler it is to sign up, the better.  

Offer an incentive to drive sign-ups

It’s helpful to use an incentive to drive sign-ups. This is called a lead magnet and can be something valuable subscribers can access, download or enjoy, such as: 

  • Exclusive content, such as bonus episodes 
  • Downloadable checklists, templates, and worksheets
  • Access to an exclusive online community
  • Discounted merchandise 
  • Entry to a competition 

Of course, the lead magnet you choose depends on your industry and your audience’s interests. So, take common examples and tailor them appropriately. 

Encourage readers to share your content 

If you want your emails to reach more people, actively encourage your subscribers to share them. Simple copy along the lines of “share this with a friend who you think would enjoy it” can go a long way to increasing reach and growing subscribers. 

Focus on quality content & consistency 

While it’s great to focus on growing your mailing list, remember to nurture existing subscribers too. As always, you’ll want to focus on producing quality content on a consistent schedule to keep your mailing list engaged and subscribed. 

Automate as much as possible 

Last but certainly not least, automation is your best friend. From welcome emails to scheduling content, automate your email marketing as much as possible to reduce your workload. 

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