Pay It Forward With Jack Bowman

Welcome to our Pay it Forward Sessions

The sessions were a live Q&A event where our members got the chance to ask experienced audio experts their burning questions. Whether that’s how to turn your podcasting ideas into a reality or kick start your career into the audio world. Our team have lovingly edited these for you, so you can watch them back in your own time again and again

Next in the series we have the award winning audio fiction writer, producer and director Jack Bowman!!

The Marvellous Jack is an audio drama and scripted podcast veteran of 16+ years. Jack co-created THE SPRINGHEEL SAGA for Wireless Theatre, (their most commercially and critically successful project at the time) which won numerous awards. He also produced content heard on BBC Radio 4, BBC Sounds and the RNIB. Jack currently works with various production companies in the UK, US and India creating global audio content, both original and licensed.

Jack talks about putting your wild ideas on to paper, scripting advice and what the process of creating an Audio Drama is in general. He is your go to go guy to talk about audio drama.

Happy Watching!

Just a reminder that this is a pre-record show so your questions will not be answered if you shout them out loud. However head over to the Mighty Networks Community and ask your questions there. We will answer them the best we can or pass them on to the legendary Jack Bowman to answer.