Pay It Forward With Dan Hudson

Welcome to our Pay it Forward Sessions

The sessions were a live Q&A event where our members got the chance to ask experienced audio experts their burning questions. Whether that’s how to turn your podcasting ideas into a reality or kick start your career into the audio world. Our team have lovingly edited these for you, so you can watch them back in your own time again and again

Next  up we have the brilliant Freelancer and producer Dan Hudson!!

Dan is one half of ‘A Gay And A Nongay’ Podcast. The UK’s leading LGBTQ+ podcast! In 2019 the duo recorded a documentary for BBC Radio 1 about legal conversion therapy in Northern Ireland. Dan is a freelance producer for BBC Radio 1 as well as 1Xtra and previously worked at Kerrang! Dan has been the host of the Official Rock chart, where he interviewed everyone from Metallica’s Lars Ulrich to WWE superstars!

Dan talks all things radio, how to interview guests and  production queries in general. He also has lot of information on the BBC and other radio stations so is a great watch if you interested in pursuing a career radio!

Happy watching!

Just a reminder that this is a pre-record show so your questions will not be answered if you shout them out loud. However head over to the Mighty Networks Community and ask your questions there. We will answer them the best we can or pass them on to the brilliant Dan Hudson to answer.