How to write a killer script for your podcast

Many budding podcasters focus on the technical side of podcasting—making sure their microphones are properly set up, recording levels are set properly, and so forth. But there’s another key to a successful podcast: scripting. The good news is that you can learn scripting. In fact, scripting your podcasts is a great way to prepare for any type of presenting job or planning an interview

Scripting is a vital part of the process because it allows a person to organise their thoughts and improve the quality of a recording. When you build an episode around a structure, you become more focused as a speaker. This helps your listeners stay engaged as you produce a professionally structured podcast episode.

And this is what the fantastic Ella Watts will be guiding you through today!!

Ellas masterclass is jammed packed with tips and tricks on how to script specific podcast styles, such as ‘Magazine’ and ‘Talking Heads’, and explaining the benefits of having a script for your podcast. Ella talks you through the Do’s and Don’t of scripting and successfully writing up questions for an interview.

The Master Class includes some great examples of podcasts who all use scripting differently and provide you with skills to take away and replicate.

Watch the trailer to Ella’s scripted Podcasts masterclass trailer below:

Learn how to successfully write a script and structure your podcast professionally, with exercises that will break down the process step-by-step. To access the class sign up here.


Ella Watts HeadshotpAbout Your Instructor: Ella Watts- BBC Podcast Producer

My name is Ella. My pronouns are She/Her, and I’m a podcast producer at BBC Studios, a TV and audio production company best known for making a whole range of TV shows, from Doctor Who to Strictly Come Dancing a lot of award-winning comedy. In podcast land, BBC Studios has made But Where Are You Really From for the BBC Asian Network, Jacob Hawley: On Drugs for BBC Sounds, and Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside, among many others.

I personally have been working in and around the audio industry for about eight years, but I’m best known in my capacity as an audio fiction expert. In that respect, I worked for BBC Sounds as a consultant way back in 2018, after graduating with distinction from a Masters degree in Radio at Goldsmiths university. I’ve also worked on a range of indie podcasts and with several podcast events: including the Content is Queen festival, London Podcast Festival, Podtales in Boston and International Podcast Month.

As a podcast producer, I work on a range of fiction and non-fiction projects. As of recording this, I’m currently working on a radio series called Quote…Unquote for BBC Radio 4 that’s been running for 44 years and is a scripted quiz show. The good folk at Content has asked me is Queen to focus on non-fiction podcasts, so that’s what I’ll be chatting about in this session.