How to create an impressive podcast media kit

A killer podcast media kit is a must-have part of your podcast marketing toolkit. 

A media kit is a great tool to help you start a conversation about your podcast with potential partners, sponsors, advertisers, journalists or possible collaborators. It’s also great to send to potential guests you’d like to book.

Your media kit will need to present a clear picture of who you are, what your podcast is about and who your audience is. It’s a curated edit of your podcast story, unique selling point and your big wins so far. It’ll need to be eye-catching from the very first page.

Here’s what partners and sponsors are looking for:

Who are you?

Start with the basics – your podcast name and artwork together with a short bio of the host(s) and any relevant experience. Provide some background on why your podcast exists and who it serves e.g. time-poor audiobook lovers looking for their next great listen or content creators hunting for the next time-saving hack.

Your podcast elevator pitch

If your podcast has an unusual angle or particular niche, now’s the time to set it out. Tell us what makes your podcast different and unique. Why does it exist? What does it set out to do? Why do people listen? What impact has it had on the audience?

Who’s listening? Your podcast in numbers

Include relevant stats and metrics e.g. total monthly downloads, social media followers, email subscribers, website visitors, social media reach etc. many of which will be available from your hosting service. If you’re new or still growing it’s great to include a listener review or a quote from a recognisable guest.

Your rate card

If your goal is to find a sponsor set out what sponsorship and advertising options are available and how much you charge. If you’ve worked with brands or advertisers include their logos in this section too to add credibility. If you’re not looking for a sponsor we recommend keeping your rate card separate from your primary kit. 

Mention your awards and press

Don’t be shy! If you’re lucky enough to have won any awards or have had great press coverage or media reviews, be sure to include them or the logos here.

Pro tips

  • Make it eye-catching – include images, photos, infographics and your artwork
  • Create variations of your kit for sponsors, journalists and collaborators. 
  • Include links – where can people listen, your website and/or social media channels 
  • Be creative with your content format – combine video trailers or audiograms with a webpage, slideshow or a downloadable PDF.
  • Update your media kit regularly to keep it fresh
  • Don’t forget to include your contact details!