How to write a great podcast description

Your podcast description is a 1-3 sentence-long description of your podcast. It tells a potential listener what your podcast is about. Your podcast description is different from your show notes – which is an episode description. Your podcast description is your elevator pitch for the podcast as a whole.

When setting up your podcast, your podcast host will typically have input fields for your artwork, podcast name, and descriptions. Your podcast description appears next to or below your podcast artwork on your podcast player or directories your podcast is listed in. After your podcast artwork and name, it’s usually the first thing a new or potential new listener will see.

Your podcast description can help you gain a new listener or lose them, so it’s worth spending some time crafting a good one. So they have no choice but to hit play. 

Here are some key things to think about:

Who’s your ideal listener?
Your podcast description needs to speak to the heart and mind of your ideal listener. Think about their pain points, fears or challenges and how your podcast can help them. Use the language, phrases and slang they use. Write your description for the audience you want to attract and speak directly to them. e.g. overworked audiobook lovers, Black women craving recognition, or content creators hunting for the next shortcut or hack.

Who are they listening to?
Let listeners know who you are and why they should listen to you (and your co-hosts/guests). Don’t forget your listener will hear you every episode so tell them your story and anything that cements why you’re the best person for time to follow.

What can they expect?
This is where you tell them directly how you’ll solve their problem/fulfil their desire. e.g. educate, entertain, inspire and motivate etc. Your goal here is to make the listener feel like listening to this show will get them closer to achieving their goals.

How often will you show up?
Let them know how often they can expect to hear from you. Will it be weekly, monthly or in seasons? Do you interview guests, or is it a talk show with co-hosts? Will there be Q&As, quizzes, or is it a documentary?

How long should it be?
Keep it brief. We recommend 1-3 sentences. If you’re stuck for inspiration, concentrate on nailing the first sentence. If they’re interested in learning more, they’ll have to hit the ‘read more’ button on their podcast player anyway.

Bonus Tips

  • Use questions to hook your listener, e.g. are you an audiobook fan looking for your next great listen?
  • Make sure your writing tone reflects your brand/personality.
  • Proofread and check for typos. Tools like Grammarly are great for this.
  • Read it out loud. How does it sound when you say it, does it flow, is it convincing or powerful.
  • Edit often. You can change your description at any time through your podcast host.