Top tips for podcast interviews

Finding a magic formula for your podcast interviews can be a tricky process, especially if your guests start the interview guarded or are hard to talk to. 

But help is at hand. Read on as Content is Queen founder Imriel Morgan shares her top interview tips and techniques that have worked for her over three and a half series of Wanna Be, her podcast for people looking to get into the creative industries.  

1. Be curious

There’s little point in speaking to someone you are not genuinely curious about so do your research first. You may find once you start a little questioning and digging it’s shallow but sometimes it can be deep. The big things can be little things and vice versa. Follow your curiosity.

2. Always listen

Listen, listen, listen. And listen actively, because you want to learn, not always to respond.

3. Stay ready

Interviews may not always go the way you think they will or according to plan. You might pull one thread and the conversation may take a totally different turn. That’s where anchor questions come in handy.

4. Use a formula

By that we mean use anchor questions – the bones of your interview – that when answered, will guarantee you have your episode content. The rest is bonus material.

5. Have a genuine conversation

If you give a little of yourself, even if this means being vulnerable, it can help to relax your guest and invite them to open up and share too. You may only need 30 minutes recording for your episode but the back and forth in a genuine exchange will always deliver, even if it means more editing.

6. Find common ground

Personal anecdotes and stories of how you relate are key to building a relationship. Be genuine always. It’s basically networking with a mic – if your guest is super well connected or a celebrity don’t bring it up. Be interested in them as a person and let it come up organically or not at all.

7. Practice

Listen to other shows and observe conversations. Watch interviews and find questions you like then try them out to see how they work for you. If in doubt, start with a feeling or emotion. How did you feel about X? Emotions ALWAYS lead to actions and results which make for great content.