Thinking of working in a newsroom? Get to grips on writing news segments for Audio

There are many career paths open to journalists and news reporters. The field of work in the radio and television news media is a challenging field, but rewarding as well. News reporters create deadlines that are demanding and fast paced. Imagine walking into work with no idea what you will be covering that day or who you will be interviewing, and then having to write a script or story ready for broadcast that evening. This job consists of getting the news from reliable sources and preparing it for the process of delivering it to the listeners in everyday language to make sure they understand it.

News writing can be tricky, especially if you are worried about making a mistake. However, this is one of those areas of writing where there are some really basic rules to help guide you through it. The article below will give you an introduction into radio and will provide you with tips and tricks that you can implement into your writing. If you follow these then the chances are good that your news segments will be broadcast ready.


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Writing News Segments for Audio