10 Female-Led Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

Aug 15th

As you know, we live and breathe podcasting here at Content is Queen. So, we wanted to share ten of our favourite female-led podcasts we think you should listen to – handpicked by our incredible founder, Imriel Morgan. *Disclaimer* We’re immensely proud to say all of the podcasts featured here are either made by, with or supported by Content is Queen. There are SO many incredible indie podcasters killing it right now – we wish we could feature you all, but we’d be here forever. 


The list starts strong with the incredible *(Relate)able podcast brought to you by Fiona Compton, Sherween Gonzales and Chantal Miller. Serving as a safe space for raw conversations created with Black people in mind, *(Relate)able explore relationships, friendships, family, and so much more. A stand-out for me this year was the “Yo Mama” episodes.  

Honey and the Hex

If you don’t already know about Honey and the Hex, get to know. This insightful podcast by siblings Tansie and Tatum Swithenbank explores the weird and wonderful origins, traditions, and intersections of folklore. It’s progressive, captivating and genuinely brilliant. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if Santa is a milk ‘n’ cookie inhaling deity in disguise, this is the episode you should start with. 

The Revolution Begins at Home

While it only started relatively recently The Revolution Begins at Home has stood out to me. This podcast sees host Chantelle Lewis explore activism through the work and experiences of activists and advocates about their work, influences, and roadblocks. For a refreshing look at activism through the lens of changemakers, I’d recommend starting from the very first episode. 

Grazing Hell

Dubbed the ONLY podcast made by a cow, Grazing Hell is as enjoyable as this introduction suggests. Each week, host Tara Mooknee discusses internet culture politics, gender and how weird the world is. Expect spicy takes, honest conversation and a decent dose of humour with every episode. An episode I particularly enjoyed was all about the spooky monsters that are insecure dudes. 

Sustainably Influenced

Sustainability is a popular topic, making it a noisy space in the podcast world. Cutting through the noise are influencers Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams as they guide listeners through the complexities of sustainability with weekly instalments of Sustainability Influenced. Not sure where to start? I’d recommend Colonialism, climate change & consumerism; listen here.   

Surviving Society

Brought to you by Dr Chantelle Lewis & Tissot Regis, Surviving Society explores race and class’s local and global politics. Offering fresh takes, incredible guests and a whole lot of curiosity, this is a sociology podcast that should be on your radar. One of my favourite episodes to date was with Rima Saini as she returned to the show to discuss her research on South Asian middle classes, politics, and so much more – listen here

The Anthill – Climate Fight Series

As a show made for curious minds, The Anthill explores everything from science, history and psychology to politics and economics. In October 2021 ahead of the COP26 climate summit, The Anthill launched the Climate Fight Series, produced by Tiffany Cassidy and series editor Gemma Ware which explores how we will actually tackle the climate crisis and the young people leading the way – I was hooked! Listen to the five-part series here.  

The WOW Podcast with Jude Kelly

Brought to you by The WOW Foundation, the WOW Podcast with Jude Kelly champions badass women and girls while taking a frank look at the obstacles in their way. If you’re in search of empowerment and inspiration, you’ve found it here. Not sure where to start? I’d recommend Women, Money and Power.  

Seeing Saw: The Official Spiral Podcast

Horror fans, if you’ve not come across Seeing Saw: The Official Spiral Podcast, you’re in for a real treat! Trapping listeners in the world of one of horror’s greatest franchises, film critics and Saw fans Catherine Bray, Anna Bogutskaya and Charlie Shackleton explore the complex film series that changed horrors forever. Trust me; you’ll be hooked after one episode.  

Art Heaux

Last but certainly not least is Art Heaux, brought to you by brilliant hosts Maggie Ibiam and Ola Olayinka. Formerly known as Displaced Ppl, Art Heaux is a podcast dedicated to finding your place in the creative industry and the worlds that surround it. From finding your confidence and achieving your goals to the power of manifestation and collaboration, I truly enjoy the takes fresh from the dynamic duo. 

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