Episode 11 + 12: Multipotentialite, Emilie Wapnick

Dec 14th

This week, I’m joined by Emilie Wapnick, the founder of puttylike.com and the author of How to Be Everything. Emilie’s TEDx talk landed on the front page of Ted.com and had over 4.6 million views and is where she coined the phrase ‘Multipotentialite.’

Key takeaways

  • How you can secure your first TEDx talk.
  • What it takes to prepare for a huge public speaking opportunity.
  • The basics you need for a book proposal and to hook a book agent.
  • How to get comfortable with continually changing your career.
  • Understanding and accepting What it means to be a multipotentialite.

In this week’s episodes, Emilie talks about how she landed on the TEDxBend stage and prepared for her viral Ted talk. For the aspiring TED speakers, the key things are to 1) apply and 2) have a clear objective with what you want to achieve. 3) practice in front of friends and family. Emilie credits learning her talk verbatim first and then focusing on being comfortable and trying to enjoy the moment.

For the future writers, we cover how she connected with her book agent which secured her a book deal. More importantly, we cover how she found her first agent and what she included in the book proposal so you can do it too. There are some basics that every book proposal needs which includes, your reach, proof of concept and sample chapters.

Emilie advocates for connecting with other industry leaders and multipotentialites (a person with many interests and creative pursuits, they’re curious about unrelated subjects and don’t have one true calling). This echoes a lot of what Ruby Raut had to say about having coffee with people who you respect and admire.

Special Mentions

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