Live Show: Brand Builders Masterclass with Prisca Moyesa

Jul 25th

Series regular Prisca Moyesa is the guest for this special live recording. Prisca is a branding and marketing expert who runs her own marketing agency, Moyesa & Co. She is passionate about helping brands connect with culture.

Key takeaways

  • Are you a minority in your industry? Here’s how to use your status to your advantage
  • The toolkit you need to promote your project effectively
  • Discover whether appearing on panels will build your brand
  • Can working for free ever do you good?
  • What’s a mass connecter and are you one of them?
  • Manipulate Instagram’s algorithm to get the most viewsYou should never liaise with clients on this particular platform
  • The main reason why you should save your Instagram highlights

In this recording from the Wanna Be Brand Builders Masterclass, Prisca and Imrie share their personal brand building stories, before taking questions from the audience. Prisca kicks off with the origins of her podcast and how she helped it to grow. She also explains how to promote projects effectively, i.e. finding the middle ground between spamming people and getting lost in the crowd. The pair discuss Instagram promotion in particular, and share their tips on algorithms, timing, and more. Audience questions include: How can I raise my rates? Should I be creating a marketing plan by myself? How do I set professional boundaries?.

This episode is a preview of the master class. Want to listen to the whole thing? The full episode will be available for purchase on this website in the coming weeks – make sure you’re on the mailing list (you get a free one-page business plan when you sign up!) to get the announcement.

Learn more

  • Follow Prisca on Twitter and Instagram
  • Check out Moyesa & Co here