Episode 95: Natalie Lue

Mar 11th

Natalie Lue is the Founder of Baggage Reclaim – the ultimate source for banishing your emotional baggage, navigating emotional availability in relationships and communicating your needs. She has been blogging for around 16 years and has over 1400 blog posts on Baggage Reclaim. Natalie’s work has been featured in Glamour, Broadly and Girlboss and she currently writes for In The Moment Magazine. On top of this, she has sold over 100,000 ebooks.

Key Takeaways

  • Taking a break
  • The differences of being self published and working for a publisher
  • Finding the work-life balance

In episode 95 Imrie and Natalie discuss adapting to the digital world of social media, taking a step back, finding your purpose, getting rid of activities that no longer add value or serve you. They also tackle people pleasing and whether or not it’s important to be likeable.

You are bound to take something from this episode as Natalie drops some serious gems!

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