Episode 92: Mercedes Benson

Feb 19th

Mercedes Benson is the Brand Partnerships manager at Complex, a host and personality on Heels Off, a DJ, an influencer AND the Founder of Social Fixt. Her inspiration to start this business came from the frustrations she faced in work. After securing a job at the age of 24 for the biggest tech company in the world, Mercedes soon realised that she would be 1 of 1. She wanted to see other people like herself in boardrooms and in the ideation meetings, so she created Social Fixt which uses social media to list jobs in the creative industry. She also hosts events that encourage the BAME community to ‘know their worth’.

Key Takeaways

  • How to be your best self
  • Starting an initiative as a social entrepreneur
  • Dealing with opportunity anxieties
  • The power of manifestation

In episode 92 Imrie and Mercedes discuss focus and a strong work ethic, diving into themes of time management and diversifying your income. They explore the behind the scenes of being an influencer, and uncover why a large social media following doesn’t always guarantee success. The two talk about the anxieties that one may face when offered a large opportunity and how to overcome ‘imposter syndrome.’ There is also an emphasis on why you should be the very best version of yourself and not care about what others may have to say.

This episode will increase your positive outlook on life and let you think more optimistically about people’s intentions.

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