Episode 127: Alayo Akinkugbe on Artistic History

Oct 20th

Today’s guest is Alayo Akinkugbe who is the Founder and Mastermind of @ABlackHistoryOfArt on Instagram which she founded in February 2020. Alayo is an Art History graduate from Cambridge University and is studying for her MA in Curating at Courtauld. Through @ABlackHistoryOfArt Alayo highlights overlooked black artists, sitters, curators and thinkers from art history and the present day. At the time of recording, the platform has over 50,000 Followers.

In today’s interview, Alayo shares what she loves about Art History and how she was able to carve out a lane in space that traditionally excludes Black art and history. We explore what success looks like in Art history and how that’s reflected in her career. We also dive deeper into some of the barriers to entry in Art and Art history and how you can overcome them.

Alayo is levels! I loved this conversation it was refreshing to hear her passion and joy about the lane she occupies in Art history right now! It’s inspiring to see too! I highly recommend you follow @ABlackHistoryOfArt on Instagram if you’re in the mood to be moved and uplifted.  Ok so this one is defo going to be extended for a bonus because we went to levels I couldn’t fully deliver in just 30 minutes! 

As usual, I hope this half an hour has made you think, reflect and contemplate what your next step should be. If you enjoyed this episode please do share it with your friends or on social media.

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That’s a wrap, thank you so much for listening.