Episode 102: Elaine Welteroth

Apr 29th

Elaine Welteroth is a journalist, Editor and New York Times Bestseller. Elaine was the former Editor-in-chief for Teen Vogue, making her the second youngest editor in chief of a Conde Nast publication as well as the second black woman to hold the title in Conde Nast history. She was responsible for steering Teen Vogue into politics and social justice.

Key takeaways

  • How to reach out to a mentor
  • The sense of posibility/limitlessness
  • Understanding confidence
  • Why it’s okay to walk away

In episode 102 Elaine shares the story of how she landed her first opportunity with her role model. She and Imrie discuss the confidence that is innate within us and the two explain what it means to be audacious. The episode also touches on intentions, the definition of greatness and self-care, and Elaine also tells us about the importance of having joy buckets in your calendar.

A notebook is definitely needed for this one, there are too many gems in here!

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