Episode 15 + 16: Ask Prisca – How To Turn Your Idea’s Into Reality?

Dec 29th

This week, brand and marketing expert Prisca Moyesa is back on the podcast to help you turn your ideas into reality and to answer your most pressing questions.

Key takeaways

  • The one question you need to ask yourself before you begin executing your ideas.
  • How to spot the difference between a break and procrastinating.
  • How to set up your space to boost your productivity
  • How to accept feedback gracefully.
  • Knowing when to delegate and hire help.

In part one (episode 15) Prisca and I help you turn your idea’s into your living breathing reality. We get started by telling you the one question you need to ask yourself before you even begin. We explain how you can overcome the most common challenges including the little voice in your head that say your idea is silly or that nobody will buy it. From this episode, you will learn how to make procrastination work for you. We also share how we set up our work and home space to make us more productive but also how a simple whiteboard can hold us accountable. You can also choose to get a business buddy if you need another person to nudge you to do the things you’ve been avoiding.

In part two (episode 16) we answer your most pressing questions. Did you ask for a raise or promotion and they said no? They’re fools, but should you stay or should you go? Other issues we address include ‘When’s the right time to share my vision publicly and get feedback? We discuss how you can accept criticism and feedback gracefully and not let it negatively affect your content.

Special Mentions

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