Episode 7 + 8: Ask Prisca – How To Buy What You Want and Have Change?

Nov 29th

This week I’m joined by brand and marketing expert Prisca Moyesa AKA Ask Prisca. In this week’s episode, we tackle financial freedom as well as your questions about your careers, freelancing and building your brand or business.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t need financial freedom to start your project or business.
  • If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it means you are growing.
  • How to definitively get information from your peers and colleagues.
  • How to make your brand influencer friendly.
  • Different types of incentives that you can try, besides freebies and giveaways.
  • How we overcome a lack of motivation.
  • Cost-effective ways to create beautiful and professional-looking marketing and product shots and videos.

Once a month, Wanna Be’s guest co-host Prisca joins me to share her knowledge and advice on branding, marketing and content strategy. The two of us combined can answer almost any question you throw at us. In part 1 of Prisca’s first monthly slot, we tackle financial freedom. We help you discover what financial freedom is, and how you get it, and discuss whether you need it to achieve your goals. If you can’t listen to the 30-minute episode below, the short answer is: no. You do not need to gain financial freedom in order to achieve your goals.

In part 2 we answer questions sent in by you, the listeners. If you have questions, feel free to Ask Prisca. Don’t forget to mention your brand or industry so we can be specific with our advice. We had some fantastic questions this week, including: ‘I tried reaching out to influencers and I’m not getting anywhere, please help?’, ‘How do I stop being overwhelmed by emails?’ and ‘How do I deal with a lack of motivation?’. What would you post on social media if Beyonce was following you?

Special Mentions

  • RecurPost- A social media scheduler that allows you to recycle content.
  • Pomodoro Technique- a productivity tip and tool to get stuff done.
  • You are a Badass at making Money book and audiobook by Jen Sincero
  • MoneyBox – an app that allows you to invest your small change.
  • Animoto – For professional looking marketing videos
  • Eventbrite for searching for industry events in your area.

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