Five Lessons In Podcasting From Steven Bartlett

Nov 19th

If you’re not familiar with Steven Bartlett, you should be. Steven is the founder of world-renowned agency Social Chain, serial entrepreneur, recently appointed Dragon and the creator of The Diary Of A CEO, a podcast that makes him $1.2 million a year. In this article, we’re sharing five lessons in podcasting from the man himself. 

Lesson 1: Authenticity always

“Without further ado, I’m Steven Bartlett, and this is a diary of a CEO. I hope nobody’s listening, but if you are, please keep it to yourself” started as an off the cuff statement when he recorded his first-ever episode solo. Today, it’s Steven’s signature intro to every episode. 

Since launching four years ago, Steven has created a safe space for himself and his guests to speak openly and honestly, despite those conversations airing to tens of thousands of people. How? By being his authentic self from the offset. Steven’s vulnerability not only fosters connection with his audience but genuine friendship with his guests. So, if you take just one lesson from this article, let it be this. 

Lesson 2: Consistency is key

Speaking on the importance of consistency, Steven explained, “Whenever I was consistent, and I managed to publish predictably, every Monday for several weeks in a row, the podcast audience would grow and grow and grow.” 

After identifying the value in being consistent, Steven pledged to publish a new episode every Monday without fail. From that point onwards, he’s been on an upwards trajectory of growth. As creatures of habit, your audience will value predictability. So, never overlook the power of consistency; it can make all the difference. 

Lesson 3: Never compromise quality 

Setting a high standard should be equally as important as consistency when it comes to your podcasting. Describing a deep sense of responsibility to deliver quality to his audience, Steven focuses on providing value within every episode. So much so, Steven has filmed entire episodes with hugely popular guests and decided not to publish them in the name of quality. Steven’s particular, and you should be too. 

Lesson 4: Leverage your guests

Carefully consider your guests and how they’ll allow you to tap into wider audiences. For example, by inviting industry leaders, voices and gatekeepers to join you, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and leverage their existing community to grow your podcast. 

Lesson 5: Remember your non-financial drivers 

From having a genuine impact and connecting with his audience to reflecting and learning from his personal experiences, Steven highlights the importance of knowing why you started your podcast and new reasons to keep going. So, when we take away the potential income, be clear on your ‘why’ and never forget it. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. 

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