Content is Queen x Audible Launch Party Highlights

Nov 18th

Our party with Audible was magical, uplifting and emotional. Every time I see a photo, I get a little flutter in my stomach at just how special the night was. We were so lucky to be surrounded by such good energy from people who were rooting for our work and genuinely wanted to celebrate with us.

We opened both studios at the height of the pandemic, and it has not been an easy start. However, we feel blessed to be here still fighting for equality and equity in audio. The podcast industry is nothing without independent and diverse creators sharing their stories and unique point of view. We’re here to do our part in helping these talented creators by sharing our knowledge and opening as many doors as we can. Stories inspire action, and actions change the world.

The party was long overdue, but we’re so glad everyone came out to support and celebrate with us. Thanks to the incredible team at Audible (@audible_uk) for their continued support and all of you talented and inspiring beings. Not just for being there last night but also for being part of this journey and community.

And a huge thank you to photographer Kelly Gellard (@kellygellardphotography) for these popping highlight photos!

Content is Queen x Audible Launch Party

Were you at the party, and you’re looking for your professional headshot? You can find all of the headshots here.

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