Finding Sponsors For Your Podcast

Dec 17th

We know that listeners turn to podcasts for authenticity and trusted voices. Therefore, your engaged listeners are perfectly primed to act based on your recommendation. Brands know this, and they’re ready to take advantage. In this article, we’re on hand to help you secure the bag and find a sponsor for your podcast. Finding podcast sponsors is the easy part; finding the right ones is what makes all the difference. If you’re ready to cash in without compromising your values, read on. 

How podcast sponsorship works 

Typically speaking, podcast sponsorship is set up in three formats, CPM (cost per mille), CPA (cost per action) and value-based model. 


With a CPM sponsor, brands will pay you an agreed fee per every 1,000 downloads. While it can vary for each platform and based on the type of ad, with A cast you expect to earn between £4-25 per 1,000 downloads. 

CPA – affiliate basis 

While CPM works well for bigger shows, a CPA model often works best for podcasts with a smaller audience. With a cost per action agreement, your sponsor will reward you for every action – this may be the number of sales, sign-ups, or downloads you drive for them. To measure this, your sponsor may provide you with a unique tracking link or referral code. 

Bonus: with affiliates, you won’t need to offer exclusivity, so you can promote brands that align with your audience on your podcast and across your socials to generate additional income.

Value-based model  

Podcasters with a highly engaged following may find that a value-based model will work best. In this case, advertisers will pay you a flat rate to promote their product or service, regardless of download numbers.

Preparing for podcast sponsorship

Now that we’ve covered the basics of podcast sponsorship, here are three of our top tips to ensure your ready to start reaching out to your ideal sponsors.  

  • Know your niche – after you’ve worked hard to build the trust of your listeners, you’ll want to team up with a sponsor that truly aligns with your brand in order to maintain that trust. Before you start your outreach, ensuring you’re crystal clear on your niche and your audience’s interests is essential. 
  • Prepare a quality pitch – this is your chance to showcase why a brand should sponsor you. In addition to crafting personalised emails, you should create a media kit that includes a description of your podcast, your stats and audience demographics, links to your socials and clips from your podcast. 
  • Fine-tune your marketing strategy – not only will having a solid marketing plan in place benefit your future sponsor, but it benefits your podcast. Take the time to solidify your marketing strategy and showcase it to potential sponsors. If a brand believes in your vision, they’re more likely to invest in you.  

Five ways you can secure podcast sponsorship 

  1. Pitch directly

Granted, pitching directly can be daunting and time-consuming. However, building genuine connections with brands that align with your podcast is an excellent starting point. Furthermore, pitching directly removes the need for any third-party involvement, meaning more money in your back pocket. 

  1. Join a podcast network 

One of the biggest pros of joining a podcast network is the sponsorship opportunities. But, on the flip side, one of the biggest cons is revenue share – weigh up your options after reading our take here

  1. Partner with a hosting service 

Many hosting platforms such as Anchor, Buzzsprout and Transistor offer the tools to monetise your podcast and connect with potential sponsors. 

  1. Use a podcast ad marketplace

Podcast marketplaces connect brands with podcasters looking for a sponsorship deal. While competition can be high, you may strike gold on the marketplace with brands offering as much as 30% commission. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Podcorn, Gumball and  Acast

  1. Join affiliate programs 

As we mentioned earlier, joining affiliate programs is a great way to establish partnerships with brands. Using platforms such as AWIN or Skimlinks, you can join programs for hundreds of brands and start earning commission right away. Once you’re able to showcase your value to a particular brand, it may open up conversations around sponsorship. 

Finding the right sponsor can feel like an uphill battle. However, this is something you’ll want to get right from the offset. If you could use the help of a supportive podcasting community, Content is Queen has got you covered – find out more about our membership here. Good luck & happy podcasting!