Can Podcasts Replace The Almighty Newsletter? 

Oct 11th

When we think of long-form content marketing, newsletters spring to mind. As an excellent tool for delivering a lot of information to a targeted audience, the newsletter shares similarities to podcasting. So, it got us thinking. Can podcasts replace the almighty newsletter? We’re exploring the link between the two and why you might want to leverage both mediums. So, if either is on your radar, read on.

Considerations for podcasts vs newsletters

While podcasting and content marketing share some similarities, there are also plenty of differences. So, when comparing the two formats of communication, choosing the right one depends on several factors. Three key considerations are: 

Your audience

First and foremost, you should be thinking about your audience. After all, you don’t want to invest time and money into content that will not reach the intended audience. So, think about where your audience will most likely consume long-form content. 

Your capabilities

Next, you need to consider your capabilities. For podcasting and newsletters, consistency is key to keeping your audience engaged. So, think about the time and money you can invest in your long-form content strategy. 

If you have limited time and resources, a newsletter may be a cost-effective option. Whereas, if you’re more comfortable speaking about a particular topic than writing about it, you might lean towards podcasting. 

Subject matter 

Another important consideration is the subject matter and your knowledge of it. For example, if you’re producing content on a complex subject matter and have limited knowledge, it might call for many references and quotes. So, it would be best as a newsletter. In contrast, a podcast is a much better format if you’re speaking on personal experience and want to open up a conversation. 

Of course, both mediums come with their benefits and drawbacks. Below are three benefits of each. 

Three benefits of podcasting

  • Podcasts can be consumed whilst on the go and doing other things.
  • Podcasts offer nuance and a chance to showcase your personality that other mediums don’t. 
  • You can easily take audio or video clips from podcasts to share on different channels.

Three benefits of newsletters

  • Newsletters can be quick to consume. 
  • You can include easy-to-follow affiliate links. 
  • You can easily share downloadable resources and references. 

Best of both worlds

As creators of both, we believe there is a time and place for both podcasting and newsletters. If you’re producing long-form content and you’re unsure which medium is best, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the information be condensed into a short and sweet newsletter?
  • Would the content benefit from the nuance audio offers?
  • Can several opinions/takes add value to this content? 

Of course, the best option may be to use both mediums, working as an extension of one another. Below is an example of how creators can leverage the two to build a cohesive long-form content strategy. 

Step 1: A podcaster records a bi-weekly episode, publishing it in audio and video formats.

Step 2: These assets can be used to promote the podcast across social media to grow an audience. 

Step 3: To create another touchpoint with their community, they create a weekly newsletter, sharing the sign-up link in the podcast bio and across socials.

Step 4: The creator publishes a weekly newsletter, including affiliate links, to boost earning potential. 

Using the two formats, the creator can tap into different audiences, grow their subscribers and build more real estate for brand deals. 

To summarise, while podcasting could replace the newsletter for some creators, we believe the two go hand in hand. As with all content, finding the right approach for you will take plenty of trial and error. 

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