Episode 143: Lirian Santos on Kicking Down Stereotypes

Nov 29th

Today, we’re joined by the incredible Lirian Santos, a London-based Brazilian football freestyler and a powerhouse in content creation. With over 500k followers on TikTok and Instagram and modelling gigs for brands like USA Pro and Nike, Lirian is revolutionising how we see and engage with women’s football.

In this episode, we’ll explore Lirian’s entrepreneurial drive, which she credits to her parents who overcame discrimination to provide for their family. We’ll also delve into her passion for freestyle football and her role in filling the significant gap of female content creators in the sport. From planning content days to embracing spontaneity, we’ll get an insider’s look at her creative process.

Wow, what an inspiring journey Lirian Santos has had. From uncertainties around her career path to becoming a leading force in women’s football, her story is a lesson in following your passion and finding a niche. You can see her content on Instagram @liriansantoss and Tik Tok @liriansantoss_

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