Episode 132: Jendella Benson Staying One Step Ahead

Oct 19th

Today’s incredible guest is Jendella Benson. I’ve known Jendella for about 7 years and have followed her career path closely. Jendella is the author of Hope and Glory and the Head of Editorial at Black Ballad. Jendella has written for The Sunday Times STYLE Magazine, Metro Online and Independent Voices. She’s also a TEDx speaker with an incredibly powerful and moving story.

In today’s episode, Jendella shares what kept her interest in writing, she breaks down how she made ends meet while trying to have a creative career as a parent, and she shares some must-hear advice on work/life balance. Let’s get into it.

It was so nice catching up with Jendella and hearing how she’s settled into a career that she finds fulfilling and aligned with her goals and purpose. Do go and get a copy of her debut fiction novel Hope and Glory and follow her @Jendella on Twitter or Instagram.

​​That’s a wrap, thank you so much for listening. I hope this half an hour has made you think, reflect and contemplate what your next step should be.

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