Episode 130: Jamz Supernova Life On My Own Terms

Oct 05th

I‘ve been following Jamz Supernova for a few years now, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching her evolve and elevate her career in many different ways. Jamz Supernova made her name on BBC Radio 1Xtra and Radio 6 music. Jamz is also a presenter, label head, journalist, podcast host and A&R scout.

In today’s episode, Jamz will teach you the importance of making space for your passion. She shares how she’s funded her career as a DJ and kept up with the trends in her industry. Jamz also describes how she allows curiosity to drive her career. Let’s get to it!

Jamz has such great energy, and can we talk about that gem she dropped so casually about how she decides where to put her energy? Here’s a reminder -It needs to feed my soul, raise my profile or feed my bank account. I’m putting that on my mirror. It was great to hear how she’s balancing motherhood with her work. It’s wild how similar we are in that respect. I highly recommend following Jamz @Jamzsupernova on Twitter or Instagram.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope this half an hour has made you think, reflect and contemplate what your next step should be.

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