Episode 116: Lee Litumbe, Jendella Benson and Ijeoma Oluo on Changing Your Mindset

Mar 17th

Lee Litumbe is an incredible content creator, travel photographer and blogger. Lee celebrates Africa through her content and travel photography and effortlessly brings out the inescapable natural beauty of the continent.

The focus of this interview is to look within and challenge our thoughts and decisions. To take control of our lives and move forward with intention and purpose. Lee is warm, vulnerable and endearing, and you can find more of her work on Instagram @SpiritedPursuit everything she posts is stunning. She also has a fantastic number of content creator resources on her website spiritedpursuit.com

Ijeoma Oluo is a bestselling author and writer who shares the 7 magic words that help her break obsessive thought cycles and she also shares her thoughts on how we can create a more just world.

Jendella Benson is the Head of Editorial at Black Ballad – the award-winning digital platform for Black British women. In episode 116 she shares her areas of improvement, inspiration and motivation with you.