Episode 106: Coco Khan

May 27th

Coco Khan is a journalist and incredibly talented writer. She is the Commissioning editor for The Guardian B2B as well as a columnist for The Guardian Weekend. Coco has also contributed to two hugely successful books – “The Good Immigrant” edited by Nikesh Shukla and “Not about the Burqa” edited by Mariam Khan.

In episode 106 Imrie and Coco talk about Coco’s journey to becoming a successful journalist. The two touch on representations and stereotypes and why they can sometimes be tokenistic. Coco shares how she was able to develop her writing style and develop a confident voice – whilst incorporating humour into her works. The two also discuss the role of external validation in confidence and how it can be a normal and healthy motivator.

This episode will definitely give you the giggles, so enjoy!

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